What is the difference between Earth Investor Group and Earth Investor Building and Supply?
Earth Investor Group is the parent company of Earth Investor Building and Supply.

Earth Investor Group focuses on promoting and producing “Green” real estate investment and development as well as in creating the solutions to make green building the same price or better than conventional wood building.

Earth Investor Building and Supply was founded to bring green to the mainstream. Its core mission is to bring the price and availability of high performance “green” building in line with conventional building materials and to increase its commercial availability on a wholesale level so that people of all economic sectors can have access to energy efficient, water efficient, non-toxic, energy creating, healthy homes and workplaces.

Why build with Earth Investor Building and Supply (EIB&S) steel?
EIBS commercial and residential steel framing members are cost effective, lightweight, easy to handle, and manufactured under strict quality control guidelines.  Steel framing is also termite proof and non-combustible. 

What kind of steel does EIB&S use?
EIB&S uses 76% recycled light gauge steel manufactured to U.S. standards and specifications. It will outlast competitive wood products and out perform wood on multiple levels. 

Will my home look different than the rest in my development or neighborhood?
Because of steel's strength and the flexibility of our building systems you can design your home with larger open spaces and to almost any design you can dream of.  With a steel frame, the walls will remain straight and true and can be finished with the same materials traditionally used.

What about the environmental impact of steel construction?
The overall recycling rate of the steel industry is 66%, the highest of any industry in the country, offering an environmentally sound home framing alternative.  Steel framing scrap is a valuable commodity that should not end up in a landfill.

Wood structures require a lot of trees – our forest are not being managed to re-grow quality timber in an environmentally sustainable manner. Fast grown or small diameter trees create warping issues. Green (wet) lumber can also create mold and air quality issues.

What about the cost of Steel vs. Wood?
Although commodities like steel and wood have been increasing in price, the price of steel has been relatively constant over the last decade.  The price of traditional framing materials has been erratic and growing at a rate much faster than inflation, steel prices have only experienced small quarterly adjustments. Builders interviewed nationwide have affirmed that framing with steel is commonly less expensive than traditional framing for building and for durability and structural integrity over the lifetime of your home.

Will steel framing affect the indoor air quality?
Steel framing is recommended by The Healthy House Institute for chemically sensitive and environmentally conscious homeowners who seek good indoor air quality. Steel frames do not need to be treated for termites and are free of resin adhesives and chemicals normally present in other construction materials. Steel framing also resists mold far greater than wood framing. EIB&S building solutions are air tight and designed to LEED recognized standards for indoor air quality.

How do I hang pictures in a steel framed home?
As in a traditional home, depending on the weight of the picture, you can hang it from the drywall with toggle bolts or hangers. Heavier objects can be hung from screws attached directly into the studs, which can easily be found with a magnet.

Will I be able to remodel my home?
Yes, since steel framing allows for larger spans, a home can be designed without interior load-bearing partitions, making it easier for homeowners to complete alterations without affecting the structure.

Will my home rust?
Earth Investor Group / EIB&S steel frame homes are superior regarding protection from rust and corrosion. Special coatings are applied to steel to prevent rust. The steel used is light gage zinc galvanized steel. With limited exposure to air and moisture – this steel should resist corrosion and rust indefinitely. Earth Investor Group provides a 30-year standard structural warranty and offers a 75-year warranty against all corrosion for its steel structures.

What about lightning?
The steel frame offers the home occupants better protection than any other construction system. Scientists recommend seeking shelter in steel frame structures during lightning storms because the steel frame provides a path to the ground reducing the likelihood of explosions, secondary fires, or personal injury.

Can my house be built to resist earthquakes and hurricanes?
Yes.  Positive connections and the strength of steel provide great protection against earthquakes and hurricanes.  Steel's high strength and ductility make it the best construction material for earthquake resistant design.

Is an Earth Investor Building and Supply (EIB&S) In-A-Box building solution energy and water efficient?
EIB&S complete solutions comply with LEED for home standards and the Energy Star Program. Our complete solutions are designed to meet or exceed governmental energy efficiency standards.  Earth Investor Group has designed wall panels that add additional insulating panels to conventional fiberglass insulation. In addition, by staying straight and true, the steel framing helps prevent cracks due to shrinking or warping, thus preventing air leaks that result in costly loss of energy.

What is the Energy Star program?
ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices.

Results are already adding up. Americans, with the help of ENERGY STAR, saved enough energy in 2006 alone to avoid greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those from 25 million cars — all while saving $14 billion on their utility bills.

What is LEED for homes- standards?
LEED for Homes is a voluntary rating system that promotes the design and construction of high performance "green" homes. A green home uses less energy, water, and natural resources; creates less waste; and is healthier and more comfortable for the occupants. Benefits of a LEED home include lower energy and water bills; reduced greenhouse gas emissions; and less exposure to mold, mildew and other indoor toxins. The net cost of owning a LEED home is comparable to that of owning a conventional home.

Will I have to pay higher insurance premiums for my homeowner's insurance?
No. As a matter of fact, because of steel's excellent performance record in earthquakes, and because it is not affected by termites and is non-combustible, home owners may be able to save on insurance premiums.  In many cases you can also to able to obtain reduced costs for fire insurance.

Will I be able to sell my home?
Your home does not need to look any different than your neighbors and should sell just as easily. Because of steel's high strength and durability your home should last and retain its value for a long time. In fact, if you take advantage of steel's strength and flexibility by designing wide-open spaces, you will have additional selling features.

Are Earth Investor Group / EIB&S steel homes really safer than wood frame homes?
Absolutely. The steel framing system in All steel homes is fire resistant...most serious damage in homes caused by fire is frame damage. Other material damage is much easier and cheaper to replace. And if that's not enough, steel frame structures have proven to be much stronger in resistance to high winds, earthquakes, pests and lightning.

Will I be able to obtain a building permit?
Earth Investor Group Steel Homes are designed to meet U.S. building codes across the nation. We will provide the appropriate support information to the on-site General Contractor and work closely with him/her to meet local permit requirements.

Will there be a problem with electro magnetic fields and radio or television interference with a steel frame home?
Not at all. All our homes are grounded, stereos, televisions and most other common electrical appliances receive no static from the steel frame.

How much more am I paying for all the advantages of steel frame homes?
We believe our pricing is very competitive to conventional wood framed homes. Since our steel frames are sourced, designed, manufactured and partially pre-assembled internationally where labor is the most cost efficient. We save our U.S labor for the construction and finishing process.

All our manufacturing facilities are managed by US managers who are completely familiar with ASTM standards, building codes and American standards of quality. Wherever possible we use international sourced labor for the fabrication of our products including steel wall panel and steel truss assemblies. There are also other cost advantages to sourcing other home materials besides the steel frames. These include cabinets, doors, window, roofing material, carpet and hardwood flooring, major appliances, etc. All products we use are certified to meet all USA material and health standards.

There are other “indirect” cost saving advantages to steel framed homes as well. These include insurance, depreciation, ease off remodeling, etc. Steel homes simply last a whole lot longer than wood. While wood frames and trusses have to be replaced over time, steel frame and building trusses stay there...and stay there with no sagging, rotting, bending or distorting.

How about changing floor plans and/or adding to a Earth Investor Group Steel Home?
Earth Investor Group homes can be designed with clear span technology; this means that there is no need for interior load bearing walls in a Earth Investor Group Steel frame home. Therefore walls can be moved, resized or taken out all together. That kind of flexibility should be highly valued. Also, adding an addition to a Earth Investor Group steel home presents no more of challenge than adding on to any other type of traditional or prefabricated home.

Is there a problem with financing with steel frame home?
Not at all. If you were a lender would you be hesitant to risk your money in a safer, more durable home?

I don't have much construction experience. Can I still erect this steel frame to build my residential steel frame home?
We recommend the use of a competent general contractor to pay close attention to all construction details and issues – not just regarding the steel frame assembly but for all other elements of your homes’ construction. Regarding the erection of the steel frame, anyone with average mechanical skills can put a frame together. In fact, much of the assembly is already completed at the factory. The builder just follows the detailed documentation supplied with the steel frame home. There's no welding, or specialized equipment necessary unless you consider replacing a hammer with an electric drill a specialized equipment change. You do not need to know anything at all about load requirements, framing rules and regulations, or anything else concerning the engineering aspect of frame erection. Most steel frames and Building trusses can be easily lifted and positioned without the need for forklifts or other lifting equipment. Most do-it-yourself buyers contract out the slab/foundation work and may elect to sub out other stages such as electrical and plumbing.

Do Earth Investor Group homes have a different look than standard homes?
The entire steel frame is invisible to the eye, because it is covered by the traditional building materials that you select for the facade of your home. We can fabricate a steel frame for a wide variety of home plans most of which were originally intended as wood structures.

How are house container shipments staged? I don’t want to unload materials before I’m ready to use them.
In loading the containers, we separate those steel frames with other materials like toilet, carpet, etc. We provide a packing list that describes every detail in each container. For most house shipments, more than one container is usually required. The first container will contain the building super structure materials. The following containers contain the interior finishing materials. Making multiple shipments also saves on container renting fees. There’s no need to have carpeting, light fixtures, etc to be stored on-site until they are needed. We provide each container to be on site for 3 days, beyond that there is a $20/day fee for the first 7 days, then $40/day for the following 7 days, then $80/day for the next 7 days and so on. Usually, the first container will be emptied within the first two weeks while the house’s “weathered in” structure can be completed. Subsequent containers can then be emptied as necessary within the weathered in house.

What are the shipping and delivery times?
Once we receive a down payment (see below), the order will be processed. This typically takes 60 days. When the order is complete, shipping times from our manufacturing facilities include 20 days to a west coast landing, and 10 days for land transportation to the building site.