Once a residential, commercial or industrial building design is determined and detailed construction drawings are finalized and approved by local building officials is delivered to us we will provide a detailed list (and photos when available) of what materials will be included along with a price quote. The quote includes all shipping, freight and handling charges to your construction site (CSF shipping).

Upon acceptance of the product offering, we require a line of credit for the full amount. To start fabrication we require a 30% down payment to process the order and a line of credit insuring the full amount. An additional 60% payment is due upon delivery and inspection of container contents. A final payment is due when the products are assembled into the final building and are determined to be quality consistent with the original offering.

Once we receive a down payment the order will be processed. This typically takes 60 days. During that 60 day period:

  1. The plans we receive will be copied, reformatted and enhanced to be consistent with our manufacturing processes.
  2. All materials will be collected and fabricated as necessary.
  3. We implement our quality control program to ensure errors are caught early and often. When the order is complete, shipping times from our manufacturing facilities include 20 days to a west coast landing, and 10 days for land transportation to the building site.

In loading the containers, we separate those steel frames with other materials like kitchen and bathroom fixtures, finishing materials, flooring, plumbing materials, exterior skins, cabinets, electrical materials, carpet, roofing, etc. We provide a packing list that describes every detail in each container. For most house shipments, more than one container is usually required. The first container will contain the building super structure materials. The containers to follow include the interior finishing materials. Making multiple shipments also saves on container renting fees. There’s no need to have carpeting, light fixtures, etc to be stored on-site until they are needed. We provide each container to be on site for 3 days, beyond that there is a $20/day fee for the first 7 days, then $40/day for the following 7 days, then $80/day for the next 7 days and so on. Usually, the first container will be emptied within the first two weeks while the house’s “weathered in” structure can be completed. Subsequent containers can then be emptied as necessary within the weathered in house.