The advantages of Earth Investor Group / Earth Investor Building and Supply building solutions are many fold and on many levels.

We work to optimize manufacturing and resource costs by purchasing from well-established high-quality cost competitive resources from around the world and in the U.S.

Our process saves you time and money. We will gladly compete head to head on price and quality. From a global resource perspective, we have combined comparative advantages to develop the most efficiently constructed, cost effective, and high quality "complete home" products available.

From a design and architecture perspective, our process is an easy translation for almost any design you provide us that was planned for conventional building practices. This process is included in our process. Whatever you can build in wood you can build faster and better in steel.

E.I.G Steel Home Packages are at the forefront of leading edge home construction innovations. Our complete solutions package are stronger, more durable, more energy efficient, environmental and health conscious than our conventional competitors. In addition, our complete solution features low V.O.C. finishes improving indoor air quality. They are mold free, termite free, and more fire resistant than homes built with wood.

We design all our assembled and pre-assembled products (interior and exterior structural walls, joists, and trusses) to fit inside standard shipping containers. There are also other cost advantages to sourcing other home building and commercial building materials internationally besides the 76% recycled frames. These include but are not limited to cost advantages with steel roofing materials, exterior skins, cabinets, doors, windows, roofing material, tile, marble, granite, carpet, bamboo flooring, door handles, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, and plumbing and electrical materials. All products we use are certified to meet all USA material, Energy Star, LEED home regulations, and U.S. health standards.

Our 76% recycled steel partially home and building packages offer a completely unique steel framing system where all building trusses and panelized walls for the steel frame building are engineered and pre-assembled in the factory and then shipped to your job site. No extensive steel framing knowledge is necessary. Each metal building assembly is simply fastened together with self-tapping technically engineered screws for a steel frame that is stronger, more durable and safer than wood framed structures.

Earth Investor Group / Earth Investor Building and Supply’s In-A-Box Steel Home Packages are pre-engineered with all window and door openings. The pre-assembly of all walls, trusses, and joists and the inclusion of all materials from the foundation up can save you up to 20%-30% of valuable construction time.