Complete Solutions

We provide complete building packages or structure-only packages – in weather proof, theft proof containers - delivered directly to your building site, which is exactly where you need them. The ready availability of materials fashioned specifically for your building provides on-site certainty in terms of material coordination and availability. We combine that benefit with our pre-assembled steel frame panels for the most labor saving construction logistics possible. The time you save will increase your bottom line or can be re-invested in developing better designs, building larger structures or including more high-end materials.

The following is a specific list of inclusions and exclusions.

  • Inclusions
    • 76% recycled steel framing system with walls panels and roof truss systems assembled (complete with assembly documentation)
    • All sub-flooring
    • All exterior finishing including structural shear material, siding, stucco or similar exterior “skin”.  Lap siding or similar products are shipped in bulk i.e. not individually cut to length
    • All insulation material including: 1) recycled bat, loose or formed insulation between studs and floor joists, 2) expanded polystyrene foam panels placed outside steel framing and shear material
    • All interior drywall
    • All flooring material (shipped in bulk – not specifically cut) includes padding
    • All kitchen and bath cabinets (including counter tops custom cut)
    • All plumbing fixtures including Water closets, showers, tubs, lavatories, sinks, faucets
    • All closets rods and shelving
    • All rough plumbing piping and electrical wiring including circuit breakers and service box
    • All interior and exterior paint
    • All windows, exterior and interior doors (w/hardware) including garage door with motorized opener
    • All roofing material (shipped in bulk)
    • All appliances (dishwasher, trash compactor, range (with mechanical fan and venting), oven, microwave
    • Tankless hot water heaters or star energy rated water heaters
    • All interior trim material including floor and door molding
    • Fireplace unit, flue, and complete decorative mantel assembly
    • All exterior (attached) and interior lighting fixtures
    • Supportive structural calculations for specific geographic region
    • Exterior columns (decorative or structural)
    • Shipping to site with a 5-day container “grace period” on site
  • Exclusions
    • Concrete foundation (including vents)
    • Concrete slabs and driveways
    • Exterior plumbing, electrical, natural gas, cable or other communications system
    • Permitting and building permit fees
    • On site construction labor
    • Crawl space and attic access doors
    • HVAC and associated ductwork
    • Site landscaping and irrigation
    • Exterior decks
    • Interior furniture
    • Refrigerator, cloths washer and dryer